unique ability
using my empathy, generalism and understanding of intangibles to bet on where the world's going.
create things people love
wake up excited every day
help disadvantaged entrepreneurs succeed
design my own house



trying to advance the business ideas in my head
I put a heap of work into figuring out who to trust on certain subjects, and I'm comfortable deferring to them on such matters. I fully back myself on the few topics I understand though. I've found going all-in on both sides of this coin works best for me. I was diagnosed with third-nerve palsy and lost vision in my right eye at the age of 2. I wrote a thrilling book about cafes. I like bridging the knowledge gap between experts and the rest of the world. I've always loved rags-to-riches stories, probably because it contrasts so starkly with my comfortable upbringing. I love the remixing of culture and ideas.
I've been through about 150 idea mazes. The sooner we stop driving cars the better. I'm pretty good at analogies. I *hate* stuffiness - both in people and rooms. I've tried to learn coding so many times I've lost count, can I give up now please? I'm a fox, not a hedgehog. Lighting design is quite interesting. I only give constructive criticism on someone's cooking the next day. It'd be nice to have enough money to save beautiful buildings and tenants from greedy developers.
in summary...
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